Friday, May 11, 2007

What a great wife!

My wife is the greatest! I've been working on my MBA for 2 years and will finish on June 9. The school's graduation was last weekend so she gave me my graduation gift. When she asked me a couple months ago what I would want, I jokingly told her she could get me one of those baseball tours.

Knowing about Jay Buckley tours, I went to his site ( and looked at this year's tours. If I were to be crazy enough to get one, this was the place to go. I looked through several of the tours and found a couple that were interesting. The challenge was finding one that fit my schedule and hit the cities I wanted to hit. I know my wife wouldn't want to go and that I would love for my dad to go. He's never been to Boston or Yankee Stadium so I was trying to find tours that hit both of those.

I finally found one that fit all those requirements but it was too expensive. It also included a game at Wrigley and the Hall of Fame induction cermonies for Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn. I printed the schedule to show Jean but never thought she would actually do it. Guess what? She did! She made arrangements with my dad and they reserved the seats. We go July 27 - August 5 and you can see all the details by looking at Trip 19 on the site.

I may try to post some updates here between now and then. My primary intent is to post updates and possibly photos during the trip. This is my first attempt at blogging so we'll see how it goes.