Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day 7 - Pittsburgh and PNC Park

Today's Photos

We returned to the stadiums today with a visit to PNC Park in Pittsburgh. It has become known as one of the best new parks and I have to agree. I was in Jacob's field so many years ago I don't remember much. I've been by Camden Yards in Baltimore and Safeco Field in Seattle but never attended a game. I will get to see Comerical tomorrow. Especially after having been at Shea, Yankee, and Fenway, we really appreciated the space and amenities at a new stadium.

We drove from Wilkes Barre this morning and arrived in Pittsburgh around 3:30. We were able to check into our hotel before heading downtown. We dropped off at a shopping plaza across from downtown and took a boat shuttle to PNC Park. My dad and I went directly to our seats and found our best seats by far. We were between home and first base about half way up the lower level. I took a walk out to the right center field area in hopes of getting a baseball. The Reds were hitting BP and nothing came close to a home run. I decided to take some pictures instead.

This is taken from the last row of the upper deck near the left field foul pole.  You can see the Pittsburgh skyline and the Allegheny River beyond the stadium.

I then walked back around to the first base side and found an empty chair in the front row above the Reds dugout. I got a few more photos but mostly did people watching. There was a family that must have had a contact with the Reds media people because they were handing a TV guy a bunch of t-shirts and hats. When Brandon Phillips came off the field, he signed the items. Then someone else came over and threw a couple balls into the stands at these same kids. They were already getting autographed shirts!! I sat there until all the Reds players were in their dugout. As I was getting up, another ball popped up from under the dugout. I had my souvenir!!

I then sat in the top row of the farthest section from home plate. It was a great view but a horrible walk. I was able to get some good scenery photos up there. The game itself was not close as Cincinnati scored 4 in the top of the first on their way to a 13-4 victory. There were several home runs including Ken Griffey and Adam Dunn.

We had our best seats of the trip at PNC Park

We play a couple games on the trip. One is the square game often used in the Super Bowl. We each put in a dollar and get a square that actually includes 2 numbers for each team. If the score at the end of the 3rd ($5), 6th ($5), and 9th ($15) inning matches your numbers, you win the associated prize. I was close Wednesday night at Fenway but Tejada hit a late home run to take the money away from me. I didn't get my numbers tonight so I have no idea if I won.

The other game is a batter selection. Each participate picks a card and that card is applied to the batter number for the team identified. For example, when I was drawing today, I was drawing for the Reds. I got number 9 which meant the number 9 spot in the order is me today. It was a National League game so that meant the pitcher would hit 9 and I would need to pray for a lot of pinch hitters. Going into the 9th, I was the only person on the Reds who did NOT have a hit. Fortunately Jeff Conine got a hit so I at least get some of the money back I would have lost. For every hit, every other player gives 25 cents to every other player for that team. Even though my guy did get a hit, every other member of the Reds had aleast two hits compared ot my 1.

We got lost in downtown Pittsburgh so we didn't get to the hotel until about 11:30. Our room keys didn't work so we had to go back downtown. We have a 10:30 start tomorrow so we can sleep in a little. We can join a walking tour down to the original Forbes Field, and I may do that.

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