Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Home Again

We made it back to Indianapolis this evening. We were in no hurry to get up since we only had to drive back to Indy today. My dad was up and gone by 5:30 but we slept in until about 8:30. Dad made it home safely and for obvious reasons did not check his new Colorado Rockies duffle bag purchased in Cooperstown. BTW...we now have no idea where his luggage is. My dad is completing a claim form for the airlines to reimburse him for the contents of his suitcase.

The boys and I took the hotel shuttle to the O'Hare Hilton where Jean and Kristofer stayed. We were packed up and ready to go by about 11:00 and headed for downtown Chicago. Our favorite breakfast place in Chicago is Lou Mitchells and we were able to find it. It was another hot, muggy day in Chicago and we were all a little tired. The food was great and we hit the road for Indy. There was a lot of traffic on the Dan Ryan so it took us nearly 4 hours to get home. We rescued Lilac from the kennel and headed home to unpack and settle.

I passed out the souvenirs and played with the boys. Kristofer got an airplane/airport set I purchased while waiting for my dad at the Newark airport. Kylan got 2 new t-balls to add to his collection and broke them in tonight with some catch and hitting practice. Erik got a Yankees t-shirt and the Josh Gibson statue we got in Pittsburgh.

In hindsight, I think my favorite part of the trip was Yankee Stadium. I had been to Wrigley and Fenway before but had only driven by Yankee Stadium. There is so much history and the tour really made it special. It also helped that we were able to get better seats about halfway through the game and it was exciting with 8 Yankee home runs. It was also great to do the trip with my dad and see him experience Yankee and Fenway for the first time and also his first visit to Boston. We made due without his luggage and it made for a great story to tell as part of the trip.

Tomorrow is back to work and the regular routine. Football season is upon us and our first scrimmage is Friday night! The boys start school next Tuesday so there is no rest for the weary. I do hope to take another one of these in the future but hit other parks. The trips really are about the parks and the cities and not so much the teams. I would love to see Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC (especially when their new stadiums are done) or return to NYC when the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Stadium are done (2008).

Thank you again for reading. I hope you enjoyed your own version of the trip.

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