Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two Weeks Away!

It's hard to believe the trip is just over two weeks away! We were hosting a Fedje family reunion over the weekend and I received the itinerary and other participants. I was sharing the information with my cousins and they want to do one of these trips next year!

We have about 30 people on our trip and most of them are from California and Arizona. It looks like they are flying in and out of Chicago and taking the bus all the way to New Jersey. My dad and I will join in Jersey and leave from Chicago. My wife is planning to drive up for the weekend and pick me up after the last game.

I got a taste of the trip last week. My dad, 6 year old son, and my cousin drove to Cincinnati on the 4th to see the Reds host the Giants. When I bought the tickets it looked like we could see Bonds break the record. As it turned out, he didn't play (it was a day game after a night game). We did see 4 home runs including a grand slam (all by the Giants) in a 9-5 Reds loss.

Being at the park got me excited for what I'm about to do. It also made me realize I'm probably not going to be eating very healthy. My wife got me on to Weight Watchers and it's worked great so far. I've lost nearly 15 pounds in a month and I just hope I don't gain it all back in one week!


Debbie Taylor said...

Can't wait for the trip! Two weeks from today, hubby, mom-in-law, and myself will be in Philadelphia visiting a friend we made during our first Buckley trip! We're renting a car in Philly, then dropping it off at the Newark airport. We got really great airfare to Philly and it's only 85 miles to Newark, so no big deal to drive a bit! Friday we're spending the day in NYC and going to see the musical Jersey Boys. Don't worry about eating too much junk on the trip as most parks have some healthier options. You'll be doing quite a bit of walking so you probably won't gain much weight even if you do indulge a bit! The last game at Wrigley seems to be the ESPN Sunday Night game so we'll have some more time in Chicago- it's 7:05pm central. Hopefully no one is flying out that night!

Brian Fedje said...

Thanks for the heads up about the Sunday game. I had not heard that yet. My dad is supposed to fly out that night but he may see if he can change his flight. Chicago is only 3 hours from Indy so my wife was planning to drive up to pick me up. We may to change those plans slightly now. It will also result in an extra day of vacation. It will be neat to see a night game at Wrigley. I've only seen day games there.

Anonymous said...

I have been on 9 Buckley Trips and you're going to love it even more than you can imagine! I'd be surprised if you didn't take another one soon. Trip 19 has great hosts(I just took a trip with them 2 weeks ago). I will read your posts to see what you think of it!