Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pitching Matchups

The pitching matchups for the rest of the weekend have been set. Aaraon Harang was scheduled to pitch the Pirates game but was scratched due to an injury. Although we did not see A-Rod's 500th home run, we can still see Tom Glavine's 300th win.

Saturday: Washington (Joel Hanrahan 0-0 MLB debut!) @ New York Mets (Mike Pelfrey 0-7)
Tuesday: Chicago White Sox (Jose Contreras 5-13) @ New York Yankees (Mike Mussina 5-7)
Wednesday: Baltimore (Steve Trachsel 5-7) @ Boston (Julian Tavaris 6-8)
Friday: Cincinnati (Matt Belisle 5-8) @ Pittsburgh (Ian Snell 5-7)
Saturday: Chicago White Sox (Javier Vasquez 8-6) @ Detroit (Jeremy Bonderman 10-3)
Sunday: New York Mets (Tom Glavine 8-6) @ Chicago Cubs (Jason Marquis 7-6)


Anonymous said...

If the rotation holds true, you should be seeing Jeremy Bonderman (10-2) as the Tigers starting pitcher. Hope your tour lets you stay for the Aug 4 post-game fireworks which they shoot off right on the field. It is a great mini-4th of July. Looking forward to hooking up with you at the Tigers game since I will be there as well. In what section of the stadium will you be sitting?

Cheryl H.
Troy, MI
former co-worker from EDS

Brian Fedje said...

Cheryl....I don't know yet where we will be sitting. They don't give us our tickets until the day of the game (good idea so I don't lose one!). I'll ask the escorts though where we are sitting and let you know.