Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Luggage

We found out this morning my dad's luggage had not actually been found. The agent just assumed it was there. They claimed to send a message to the Newark airport but no luggage had been delivered. We called again this morning to find out why the American baggage claim counter had not gone to get the bag from Northwest and found out the American counter had never received a message. The message was sent to my dad's FILE and the American counter had no idea the message was there. We just heard back from the American counter and they found his luggage and it is now at the American counter. We apparently don't have time to stop on the way to the city today so my dad is just going to have the luggage delivered back home and will get along with what he has.

He'll use my clothes and/or buy shirts on the way. Northwest Airlines and American Airlines have really screwed this thing up and their service in resolving this has been horrible. Comments have been made by reps of both airlines that eventually proved to be false. People have been both rude and incompetent (i.e. sending the note to the file rather than the counter so they can actually do something with it). Having an experience like this helps you realize why airlines are having such trouble making money.

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Anonymous said...

On the Minot end of attempting to find the luggage -- I am definitely frustrated. I can't believe the run around -- I have talked to 4 different people at Northwest and American Airlines (getting a real person at AA is close to impossible - I learned last night that you want to say "ugh" so that the system doesn't understand).

Back home in Minot, I was happy to see the pictures that have been posted on Shutterfly and on this blog. The smiles tell the story.

Hope that both of my boys have a really great time - and that there are no more problems!!!!