Saturday, July 28, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Day 2

Dad walking off the ferry at Ellis Island

The good news is my dad made it to Newark today! Unfortunately we don't have luggage yet.

I checked his flight status this morning about 8:30 and the only morning direct flight from Detroit to Newark had been cancelled. Uggh!! I tried calling his cell phone but it was off. I called his hotel and he had already checked out. He called me about 9:00 as he was boarding a plane in DALLAS!!! I won't get into the details here but the flight he was booked on last night actually didn't exist and there was no evidence of his reservation. They did find him a 6:00 am flight through Dallas that got him to Newark about 12:45.

He tried to track down his luggage but had no luck. Since his flight today was on American Airlines, he has to file his lost luggage claim with American even though they never touched his luggage. He submitted that tonight on the way home from the game. He got to the hotel about 2:00 and was going to catch a cab to a train station to meet us at Battery Park in Manhattan. The train would need several changes so he just asked the cab driver how much he would charge to go to Battery Park and he said $75. He negotiated it down to $65 and then explained where he was going. The cabbie told him there was a ferry on the New Jersey side that also went to Ellis Island. That worked out great as my ferry and his ferry landed at Ellis Island about 2 minutes apart!! We were finally together!

Now hopefully they can track down his luggage and then somehow get it to us. We'll be a moving target so I'm not sure how they will do that.

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