Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Last Day

I am sitting in our hotel near the Detriot airport listening to planes fly over. Today is the last day of the trip and we are heading to Chicago about noon. We were going to have a whiffle ball game in the parking lot but it looks like it will be rained out. It's our first rain out of the trip. There is a small chance of rain in Chicago tonight but hopefully it will stay dry for us. We've had great weather so far so we feel the Gods will shine and make it a beautiful evening at Wrigley.

I hope you have enjoyed my daily blogging. I haven't heard from too many people so if you have been reading it, please add a comment using the Comment link below. This will definitely be a great journal for me to remember the trip. I highly recommend Jay Buckley tours for the person who loves baseball and wants to see a number of parks. The bus can get a little crowded and you don't always get a lot of sleep each night (there was never time to relax at a pool), but you make good friends and see a lot of baseball. Visit for more information.

We will be getting to our hotel pretty late tonight and I'll have the boys with me so I doubt I'll get a blog entry in tonight. I'll probably wait until I get back to Indy tomorrow to wrap it up. Until then, thank you and I hope you enjoyed the trip vicariously through this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Brian,it was great to put a face to your name and meet you on the trip! It was a lot of fun, but very tiring. Tim, Janice, and I made it back to Portland about 12:30pm only to find out that my father-in-law's car broke down on the way to pick us up from the airport. He had to walk three miles to our house to get my car key, then he took my car to the airport to pick the three of us up! Their car is in the shop as I type and it's supposed to be done in a few hours. Also, getting back into my seat on the airplane, I pulled my right hamstring so I'm hobbling around a bit. Guess I'll have to make up some crazy story as to how that happened to impress my friends and co-workers! Anyway, your blog is great and I've enjoyed reading (and chuckling) at the appropriate parts. We're going to watch some of the video that Tim took on various parts of the trip and eventually we'll put up some pictures. Take care and we enjoyed spending the last ten days with you and your dad!

Debbie Taylor